FSBL is an all-volunteer baseball organization that seeks to instill ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, courage, and leadership in every player at every age level. This will be accomplished by:-Providing a safe, supportive, and FUN baseb

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1.The length of the baseline will be fifty (50) feet. The pitcher's mound will be thirty-five (35) feet.

2.No game during the entire season will go beyond the maximum of an hour and 45 minutes and no new inning will start beyond an hour and 30 minutes.

3.Four (4) innings will constitute a full game.

4.During the first half of the season, managers will pitch to a continuous batting order, even if there are three (3) outs, in all four innings (4). A batter shall be given a batting tee after failing to hit a fair ball after (7) coach pitches. The batter has 3 attempts to hit a fair ball with the batting tee or will be called out. 

a)During the second half of the season, innings one (1) and two (2) will have the managers / coaches pitching. Innings three (3) and four (4) will be like regular baseball with the players pitching.   
b)Each inning pitched by the players will consist of three (3) outs or nine (9) batters. Managers will continue to pitch to all batters in innings one (1) and two (2).
c)Pitchers will not be able to pitch after hitting 3 hit batters.
d)No player may pitch more than one (1) inning per game, with a total of two (2)
innings per week. One (1) pitch will constitute an inning.
e)No player will play the same position more than two innings per game.
f)During player pitching, no runs shall be walked in. If bases are loaded and a batter receives ball 4, a coach shall pitch to the batter. The strike count will continue from when ball 4 was reached. For example, if the batter had 1 strike when ball 4 was thrown, the batter will have 2 more strikes remaining. Only “swinging” strikes will be counted during pitch play. If the ball is not put in play after the 5th pitch from the coach, the batter will be out. The “at bat” will not end on a foul ball. An additional pitch will be provided until the batter misses or puts the ball in play.  

5.Managers and/or coaches, from the team at the plate, will call balls and strikes from behind the pitcher during the innings that the players pitch.

6.Two (2) coaches will be allowed on the playing field while their team is in the field to help direct the fielding of play.

7.Two (2) coaches, one at first and one at third are allowed in the coaching boxes while their team is at bat. Coaches should make every attempt not to physically touch a player or assist in the play in any manner unless the player is injured.

8.The ball is dead upon hitting the fences or leaving the field of play.

9.There are no lead offs or stealing.

10.The infield fly rule does not apply.

11.There will be no dropped third strike.

12.No base runner may advance once the defense has control of the ball in the infield.

13.Players may not make an extreme shift to defend against any batter. Play is stopped, as in normal baseball, by forcing the runner or runners to hold their base. The final player at bat will advance on a hit as if he/she were not the final batter. The inning is over once the final batter or any base runner is out, or the defense has control of the ball in the infield.

14.Each player must play three (3) innings.

15.The batter and all base runners must wear batting helmets at all times.

16.When the last batter of the inning comes up, normal play and overthrow rules apply as with other batters in the inning. If there is an overthrow, the base runner is given one (1) base, the ball is dead and the inning is over.

17.Players, spectators and equipment must be a minimum of fifteen (15) feet away from the 1st and 3r base foul lines, unless participating as a defensive player, batter or base runner.

18.An adult is required to be monitoring the bench at all times during the entire game.

19.The manager should arrive 1/2 hour prior to the game with a pre-determined rotation schedule.

20.Managers can play 4 outfielders during the regular season. 3 outfielders will be enforced during the All Star game.