FSBL is an all-volunteer baseball organization that seeks to instill ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, courage, and leadership in every player at every age level. This will be accomplished by:-Providing a safe, supportive, and FUN baseb

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1.Collision rule: a base runner must make every attempt to avoid a collision with a fielder. A fielder cannot block the base-path without possession of the ball. A fielder more than 3 feet up the line without possession of the ball can be called for interference.

2.The length of the baseline will be sixty (60) feet. The pitcher's mound will be thirty-eight (38) feet.

3.No game during the season will go beyond the maximum of two (2) hours, hard stop and no new inning will start beyond an one (1) hour and 45 minutes. 

4.There is a continuous batting order. (All players will bat)

5.No “Slug Bunts” are permitted. A slug bunt is when a player squares around to bunt, or shows bunt, and then takes a full swing at the ball. Any batter deemed slug bunting by the umpire will be ruled out. 

6.Six (6) innings will constitute a full game. Each inning will consist of three (3) outs, or nine (9) batters or any combination of six (6) walks and/or hit batsmen. The last inning of a playoff game has no maximum batter restrictions.

7. There are no intentional walks. 

8.No player may pitch more than two (2) innings per game, with a total of four (4) innings per week. One pitch will constitute an inning. Pitchers will have forty (40) hours rest after pitching in three innings on the same calendar day.

9.In the judgment of the umpire, pitchers will be warned after hitting two (2) batters and
will not be allowed to pitch after hitting three (3) batters.

10.Two (2) coaches, one at first base and one at third base, are allowed in the coaching boxes while their team is at bat. At no time or in any manner are either coach allowed to physically touch a player or assist in play in any manner unless the player is injured.

11.The ball is dead upon leaving the field of play.

12.There are no lead-offs or stealing.

13.Bunting is allowed. Each player will be allowed one (1) bunt per game.

14.The infield fly rule does not apply.

15.There will be no drop third strike. The batter is out.

16.Players may not make an extreme shift or defend against any batters.

17.Base runners can advance only on a hit or walk. No runner may advance on a wild pitch.

18.No base runner may advance once the defense has control of the ball in the infield. If in the judgment of the umpire, the defense has control of the ball, and the base runner has not reached ½ way to the next base, he cannot advance. 

19.Play is stopped as in normal baseball by forcing the runner or runners to hold their base. The final batter will advance on a hit as if he/she were not the final batter. The inning is over once the final batter or any base runner is out or the defense has control of the ball in the infield.

20.When the last batter of the inning comes up, normal play and the overthrow rule apply. The base runner is given (1) base, the ball is dead and the inning is over.

21.Each player must play three (3) innings. (A player must not sit for more than two (2) consecutive innings) assuming the game is not shortened by the slaughter rule or weather.

22.Players, spectators, and equipment must be a minimum of fifteen (15) feet away from the 1st and 3rd base foul lines, unless participating as a defensive player, batter, or base runner. 

23.The batter and all base runners must wear batting helmets at all times.

24. Starting the first game after June 1, runners are allowed to steal second base but must not advance to third on an overthrow. Other runners on base cannot advance, i.e., runner on third cannot advance to home.

25.Runners may steal second or third base but may not leave the base they are occupying at the time of the pitch until the pitched ball has reached or passed the catcher.

26.Score is kept during Pinto games and the mercy rule applies. 

27.When a game is shortened by the slaughter rule to four (4) innings any player who did not start must start the next game.