FSBL is an all-volunteer baseball organization that seeks to instill ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, courage, and leadership in every player at every age level. This will be accomplished by:-Providing a safe, supportive, and FUN baseb

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For 6 yr. old players who are ready to move on from T-Ball and all 7 yr. olds. At this level players continue their basic skill development in a purely instructional format. Rules are modified for the youngsters to incorporate fun with player development appropriate for this age group. During the first half of the season, managers will pitch to a continuous batting order, even if there are three (3) outs, in all four innings (4). A batter shall be given a batting tee after failing to hit a fair ball after (7) coach pitches. The batter has 3 attempts to hit a fair ball with the batting tee or will be called out. a) During the second half of the season, innings one (1) and two (2) will have the managers / coaches pitching. Innings three (3) and four (4) will be like regular baseball with the players pitching.