FSBL is an all-volunteer baseball organization that seeks to instill ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, courage, and leadership in every player at every age level. This will be accomplished by:-Providing a safe, supportive, and FUN baseb

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1.     A protest based on a play, which involves an umpire's judgment, is not permitted.

2.      A protest must be based on an interpretation of the rules.

3.      The protesting manager must notify the home plate umpire on his intent to protest at
the time the play occurs, before the next pitch takes place. The scorebooks must be
marked so that the game could be replayed from that point. The umpires must initial
the scorebooks at that time.

4.      Protests must be submitted to the Vice President of Operations, the Director of Rules
and Officials or the Vice President of Administration of the league within 48 hours of
completion of the protested game.

5.      If the protest is upheld, the game will be resumed from the point of protest, as marked
in the scorebooks.

6.      Any manager or coach, who withdraws a team from the field under any circumstances
prior to the official completion of the game, will forfeit all rights to protest the game
as described above.

7.      Protest Committee: The protest committee will be comprised of the Vice-President of
Operations, the Rules and Officials Chairman and the Player Agent of the division
involved in the protest.




Vice President of Operations

Mark Raske


Rules and Officials Chairman

Rich Cairo


Player Agents




Tim Kilpatrick



Sam Pappas



Jason Paysak



Joe Tadevich



Steve Macri


 Pinto Rod Buckner 708-925-3242


Jimm Bjes



Mike Kelly