FSBL is an all-volunteer baseball organization that seeks to instill ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, courage, and leadership in every player at every age level. This will be accomplished by:-Providing a safe, supportive, and FUN baseb

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This Code of Conduct applies to the parents, family members, friends, and other spectators that are in attendance with the parents of a Frankfort Square Baseball League player.  The Parent and Spectator shall support the players, coaches, umpires and league officials. Parents and/or Spectators shall not "coach" or "officiate". Parents and Spectators agree as follows:
  • Parents and Spectators will be positive role models.
  • Parents and Spectators will display and instill in all players, the principals of good sportsmanship and team play.
  • Parents and Spectators will conduct themselves in a manner that best serves the interests of the players.
  • Parents and Spectators will do their best to provide the players a positive experience.
  • Parents will make certain that their children show respect for all other players, coaches, officials and spectators.
  • Parents and Spectators will not ridicule or demean.
  • Parents will inform the coach of any disability or ailment that may affect the safety of their child.
  • Parents and Spectators will treat all players, coaches and umpires fairly and with respect.
  • Parents and Spectators will comply with the decisions of league officials and observe all rules, policy and procedure as established or endorsed by the FSBL.
  • Parents and Spectators will not question an umpire’s call.
  • Parents and Spectators will respect the opponent and avoid any confrontation with opposing players, spectators, or coaches.
  • Parents and Spectators will be drug and alcohol free while at any FSBL athletic event.
I agree to follow these rules as long as my child is a FSBL player and I accept the decisions and consequences by the FSBL Board if I do not abide by these rules.